Meet Maggie…

Maggie LOVED going to the gym. LOVED it. It was her getaway. Her happy place. Her #fitfam. And it helped her balance her life as a fulltime stay-at-home mom with 2 children under the age of 2. She became so motivated by the success she was seeing, she decided to come to small group training sessions TWICE a day, most days.

Then…COVID-19 happened.

Her home gym, Impact Fitness, complied to state and local laws and shut their doors. However, they continued with online remote training sessions. And so did Maggie’s determination to meet her goals. Here’s part of her story.

Four months after she had her daughter in May of 2019, Maggie got focused. Really focused. Over the next 6 months (and throughout the holidays), she lost 25 lbs and reduced her body fat percentage by almost 7%! Maggie was on a roll!

Then…COVID-19 happened.

How was she going to stay on track?

What would it look like to workout at home? Would she be able to connect with her gym family? How was this all going to work? Here’s what she did.

Remote training sessions online replaced the small group sessions at the gym. Impact Fitness allowed her (and other members) the ability to check out weights and equipment to use at home. And she did just that. The workouts were just as hard – if not harder. And twice a day sessions were, again, the norm.

Maggie worked out in the living room, kids’ play room, her bedroom, and many times, outside. When her husband was asked to work from home, he joined her for midday workouts. Sure, sometimes the kids popped up on her phone screen – but so did her trainer’s kids. Sometimes squat jumps turned into squats while holding the baby. Most of the time, she had to watch Bubble Guppies (in addition to the Zoom call) to get through a session. Sometimes the screen froze up, or it was hard to understand the movements. But she figured it out. They all did.

Because COVID-19 just…happened.

The point is, she didn’t just stop working out.

Maggie didn’t give up on her goals. She has even lost 5 more lbs, people! She didn’t totally abondon healthy food choices.She didn’t let go of all of her progress and throw her hands up and say…I’ll start again sometime in May. And neither did several of her gym buddies.

Before and after the workout, they would catch up on life. Who did what today? What was for dinner? On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad has your day sucked? And exactly how many days are there in April??? (There are 107 days in April, if you’re keeping track…) They even met up for their “Ladies’ Night” in a parking lot – while practicing social distancing. They stuck together and they kept on keeping on.

So what’s next for Maggie?

In her area, gyms are scheduled to open up over the next couple of weeks. Impact Fitness is a small training studio with a very controlled environment, and they already limit the number of people in group sessions. While things may not return to “normal” anytime soon, she’s looking forward to getting back into the gym with her friends.

By staying so consistent in her workouts (and diet) at home, she’s put herself in a position to see even more success when she gets back to the gym. And as soon as possible, her trainer will help her set her next goals and work with her to create a plan to meet them. Her workout buddies will be beside her (well, 6 feet apart), encouraging her and pushing her to work harder.

I have found a love of working out! It gives me a little peace throughout my chaotic day. I enjoy is so much I go back for seconds! In the beginning it was about losing weight, but now, it is truly just about being around my people at the gym. I can’t wait to be back with my peeps on the reg! Don’t get me wrong, I still want to lose weight, but now I understand that it’s a mind game. When I am conscious about what I am putting in my mouth, it shows! Kristen has not only encouraged me to stick with a healthy diet, but also made me stronger (body and soul). I mean, guys, I have a muscle bump in my arm now! – Maggie


Yes, COVID-19 happened…to all of us.

But it didn’t stop Maggie. And it doesn’t have to stop YOU. If you’ve been looking forward to getting back into a gym with a safe environment, or if you want to workout from the comfort of your own home, Impact Fitness can help. If you need a goal, a plan, or just a place to start, start by reaching out today!

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