Staying on Track During the Holidays – Part 5 – Workouts for When You’re Away

During the weeks leading up to Christmas and through New Year’s, getting to the gym can be a real struggle. And when you get out of the habit of working out, it’s even harder (mentally AND physically) to get back in the groove. What’s the answer? Get movement in, wherever you are!

Searching Pinterest can be overwhelming, and coming up with your own workout (even though you’ve been through a thousand of them with your trainer) may not come naturally to you. To help, I’ve compiled all of our at-home workouts in one place…

Workouts Away from the Gym

Workout A, B, and C are fairly cardio and core intensive but can be done without any equipment. “Cardio Hardio” is…obviously cardio-intensive. “Stay Strong” is designed more for strength. Weight can be added to the leg movements if available. And, you can swap out the pushups for bench press, also. In the “Core Killer”, we focus on both the front of the core (abdominals) and the back (back muscles and glutes). Your “Recovery” workout can be done on it’s own or before or after any of the other workouts. It’s simple, yoga poses than can be done at whatever length of time you desire.

For the “A-Z” workout, spell out your name, the name of a loved one, your street / city / state, etc. And your special “Christmas Cardio” is a new workout that incorporates kettlebell swings, jump squats, and mountain climbers. Some of the movements that we all love to hate. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a dumbbell, a gallon jug filled with water or sand, etc. If you want to modify it to be more of a strength workout, versus cardio, simple change the jump squats to squats (weighted), and do slow motion mountain climbers where the knee drives forward and the foot doesn’t touch the ground. You can exchange the run for 20 lunges and 20 v-ups.

12 Days of Fitmas

And don’t forget about our most recent series, The 12 Days of Fitmas! In these 12 workouts we hit it all – cardio, upper body, lower body, core… Most of these are simple and quick workouts, ranging from AMRAPs to Rep Challenges. They can also be combined (ex: Day 1 and Day 2…Day 11 and Day 4) in any way. Or, consider adding them on to another of the workouts posted above.

I hope this helps eleviate any anxiety with feeling like you are going to get off course as getting to the gym gets more difficult. You can continue to fight for your fitness even when your schedule seems to be fighting you.

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