You’re (Not) Ready for This

Here goes nothing.

That’s been my mantra for the past couple of weeks – ever since we started considering buying and operating our own gym. And throughout this process, close friends, business partners, family members would say things like “you’re ready for this” or “you deserve this”…”this is definitely your next move.”

I really tried to believe them.

I tried to convince myself that I had enough experience, that I had “paid my dues”, that this opportunity was here because I was prepared for it to be. After almost a decade of training, helping my sister with her gym business…it just made sense. It made sense that I, as a wife and mother of 3 small children, a multi-tasker with a college degree, a motivated and tenacious individual, would be ready for this. But the truth is…

I’m not ready for this.

I’m not. Things have not just fallen together easily in this pursuit. Most of the time, I feel like I’m playing catch up. (Most of the time I am.) I’ve already made mistakes, lost opportunities, and cried a lot.

But, I’m doing it anyway.

Isn’t that what’s important? To be afraid and do it anyway? To worry that you’ve set your sights so high that there is no way of achieving your goals? The more I think about it, the more I think so. I see it a lot when people talk to me about their health and fitness too. I ask them what their goals are and most shyly say…“lose –lbs in — weeks…?…” And my first response is almost always – GREAT! Then we work on breaking those goals down into realistic bite-sized pieces, make a game plan, and attack them.

Will most people achieve the exact goals they set out to? In fitness or in anything? Probably not. But…I would almost guarantee that no matter what, they’ll be in a better place than when they started – physically and mentally. And what’s wrong with that?

So here’s to the journey. To worrying that you’ve going to fail. To doubting yourself, but pushing forward. To not being ready, but doing it anyway.

I hope you’ll join me. – Kristen

The greatest risk is really to take no risk at all. – Patrick Warburton

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  1. You’ve got this … I can’t wait to watch from here and see where this journey will take you… I believe you’ve helped others and God has great plans for YOU!!!! Love you and wishing you great success!!!

  2. I wish you the best. You will be successful. I admire you. Your hard work and reaching for the moon and stars and knowing in your heart and mind you can do it. And you will do it. You will succeed!! You are awesome!!! Congratulations!! So wish I lived in your area. But I love seeing your posts , watching your beautiful family grow and watching you do great things!! Lots of hugs and love.

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